Sunday, December 26, 2004

Night of the Meiga

Montebranco Galicia Spain
in the moonlit whirlpool
my green tresses swirl at the whim of the tides
the juice of mussels drips down my arms
as I lick their opal purple shells

after the incantation
the spell is cast in the goblet of orujo
the chorus of voices soars on Atlantic wind
bonfires sparkle on the sand
but I turn west to face eternity

dancing in the dark blue ether
perfumes of pine and eucalyptus
lift my body surrendered to the sky
I sway to the murmur of leaves
and the soft drumming of waves

then my mouth kisses the sea
the taste intoxicates me
and I plunge into fathoms of darkness

in the silence of the lair
his body soothes my ancient longing
until the tide recedes

reluctantly I return to my throne on Montebranco
and wrap the salty mist around my shoulders
tracing the memory of my lover's face
lazy fingers caress
a thousand stars in the sky

sweetly I succumb to dreaming
soon the sun will rise
and the grapes will glisten with morning dew

-- Finisterre, Galicia 2001

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Anonymous said...

It was a coincidence that i came to find your page but your words are my words about spain's beauty only more poetic. I love your work.